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package joe
// The InitEvent is the first event that is handled by the Brain after the Bot
// is started via Bot.Run().
type InitEvent struct{}
// The ShutdownEvent is the last event that is handled by the Brain before it
// stops handling any events after the bot context is done.
type ShutdownEvent struct{}
// The ReceiveMessageEvent is typically emitted by an Adapter when the Bot sees
// a new message from the chat.
type ReceiveMessageEvent struct {
ID string // The ID of the message, identifying it at least uniquely within the Channel
Text string // The message text.
AuthorID string // A string identifying the author of the message on the adapter.
Channel string // The channel over which the message was received.
// A message may optionally also contain additional information that was
// received by the Adapter (e.g. with the slack adapter this may be the
// *slack.MessageEvent. Each Adapter implementation should document if and
// what information is available here, if any at all.
Data interface{}
// The UserTypingEvent is emitted by the Adapter and indicates that the Bot
// sees that a user is typing. This event may not be emitted on all Adapter
// implementations but only when it is actually supported (e.g. on slack).
type UserTypingEvent struct {
User User
Channel string