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package driver
import (
// Row is a generic view result row.
type Row struct {
// ID is the document ID of the result.
ID string `json:"id"`
// Key is the view key of the result. For built-in views, this is the same
// as ID.
Key json.RawMessage `json:"key"`
// Value is the raw, un-decoded JSON value. For most built-in views (such as
// /_all_docs), this is `{"rev":"X-xxx"}`.
Value json.RawMessage `json:"value"`
// Doc is the raw, un-decoded JSON document. This is only populated by views
// which return docs, such as /_all_docs?include_docs=true.
Doc json.RawMessage `json:"doc"`
// Error represents the error for any row not fetched. Usually just
// 'not_found'.
Error error `json:"-"`
// Rows is an iterator over a view's results.
type Rows interface {
// Next is called to populate row with the next row in the result set.
// Next should return io.EOF when there are no more rows.
Next(row *Row) error
// Close closes the rows iterator.
Close() error
// UpdateSeq is the update sequence of the database, if requested in the
// result set.
UpdateSeq() string
// Offset is the offset where the result set starts.
Offset() int64
// TotalRows is the number of documents in the database/view.
TotalRows() int64
// RowsWarner is an optional interface that may be implemented by a Rows, which
// allows a rows iterator to return a non-fatal warning. This is intended for
// use by the /_find endpoint, which generates warnings when indexes don't
// exist.
type RowsWarner interface {
// Warning returns the warning generated by the query, if any.
Warning() string
// Bookmarker is an optional interface that may be implemented by a Rows for
// returning a paging bookmark.
type Bookmarker interface {
// Bookmark returns an opaque bookmark string used for paging, added to
// the /_find endpoint in CouchDB 2.1.1. See the CouchDB documentation for
// usage:
Bookmark() string
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