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package kivik
import (
// Session represents an authentication session.
type Session struct {
// Name is the name of the authenticated user.
Name string
// Roles is a list of roles the user belongs to.
Roles []string
// AuthenticationMethod is the authentication method that was used for this
// session.
AuthenticationMethod string
// AuthenticationDB is the user database against which authentication was
// performed.
AuthenticationDB string
// AuthenticationHandlers is a list of authentication handlers configured on
// the server.
AuthenticationHandlers []string
// RawResponse is the raw JSON response sent by the server, useful for
// custom backends which may provide additional fields.
RawResponse json.RawMessage
// Session returns information about the currently authenticated user.
func (c *Client) Session(ctx context.Context) (*Session, error) {
if sessioner, ok := c.driverClient.(driver.Sessioner); ok {
session, err := sessioner.Session(ctx)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
ses := Session(*session)
return &ses, nil
return nil, &Error{HTTPStatus: http.StatusNotImplemented, Message: "kivik: driver does not support sessions"}
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