@ignatov ignatov released this Feb 24, 2015 · 0 commits to v1.0.0-alpha0 since this release

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Alpha pre-release of the 1.0.0 version.
Doesn't contain all the functionality of the 0.9.x branch but has a completely reworked internals.
It's faster than 0.9.x, refactoring works to some degree and has native support for gopath packages.

You need to install the zip file, do not extract its contents. For more information, check the README


Plugin can be installed on IntelliJ platform 139.1111 or greater. It corresponds to IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.3, WebStorm 9.0.3, PhpStorm 8.0.3 and future PyCharm 4.0.5.

Release notes

  • @dlsniper introduced rich code colors customisation. See #1241 for details;
  • @dlsniper also fixed ability to use GAE go sdk;
  • @stuartcarnie implemented injections support in Go string literals;
  • Go Libraries configuration is fixed for file-based IDEA projects. Thanks to @Frogprog;
  • Test runner is fixed. Now you can run tests on file, package, directory or methods;
  • Fixed handling locally imported packages;
  • Auto import and inspections of import can handle import for side effects (blank imports);
  • Introduced 'Go Before tasks'. Now you can add something like 'go vet' or 'go fmt' before particular Go Run Configuration;
  • Faster completion for functions and types;
  • A lot of fixes for parsing, resolving, inspections.

Details here