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This page addresses some of the most frequent asked questions. Please read this before submitting an issue.

Also, as annoying as things might be, please don't bump, +1, or comment with things like: me too. If you want this feature, please request it to Github or help us by contributing to the plugin. Thank you!

Q: What are the supported IDEs?

A: The plugin supports all JetBrains IDEs based on IntelliJ Platform >= 2016.1. As such, please check your IDE build platform before giving it a try.

As the time goes by, older IDE versions support will be dropped in favor of newer ones so that we can bring newer features, improve the performance or help you benefit from all the new features, fixes and performance improvements done in the IntelliJ Platform.

Q: I've tried an action from the Build menu but nothing happens

A: At the moment the plugin doesn't support this feature. For more information, please read: #1413 and #1414. You can create an external tool configuration to achieve similar functionality.

Q: I've clicked on the nightly / alpha link and I get a 404. Why doesn't it work?

A: That's because you are not supposed to do that. Please add them in the IDE via the Custom Repository feature (see README for details)

Q: I get a 404 for the nightly / alpha link in the IDE. Why doesn't it work?

A: You are using a wrong / old version of the IDE. Please upgrade your IDE to the latest version or use one of the IDEs / versions indicated by the README file.