Go http.Hander based middleware stack with context sharing
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Package wrap creates a fast and flexible middleware stack for http.Handlers.

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  • small; core is only 13 LOC
  • based on http.Handler interface; integrates fine with net/http
  • middleware stacks are http.Handlers too and may be embedded
  • has a solution for per request context sharing
  • freely mix middleware with and without context (same interface)
  • has debugging helper
  • low memory footprint
  • fast
  • easy to create adapters / wrappers for 3rd party middleware

How does it work

Import it via gopkg.in: import "gopkg.in/go-on/wrap.v2".

wrap.New(w ...Wrapper) creates a stack of middlewares. Wrapper is defined as

type Wrapper interface {
    Wrap(next http.Handler) (previous http.Handler)

Each wrapper wraps the the http.Handler that comes further down the middleware stack and returns a http.Handler that handles the request previously.


See example_test.go for a simple example without context and example_context_test.go for an example with context sharing.

Also look into the repository of blessed middleware github.com/go-on/wrap-contrib/wraps.


more examples and middleware and can be found at github.com/go-on/wrap-contrib


A router that is also tested but may change, can be found at github.com/go-on/router

Benchmarks (go 1.3)

// The overhead of n writes to http.ResponseWriter via n wrappers
// vs n writes in a loop within a single http.Handler

BenchmarkServing2Simple     1000000 1067    ns/op   1,00x
BenchmarkServing2Wrappers   1000000 1121    ns/op   1,05x

BenchmarkServing50Simple    100000  26041   ns/op   1,00x
BenchmarkServing50Wrappers  100000  27053   ns/op   1,04x

BenchmarkServing100Simple   50000   52074   ns/op   1,00x
BenchmarkServing100Wrappers 50000   53450   ns/op   1,03x


Initial inspiration came from Christian Neukirchen's rack for ruby some years ago.