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OAI object model

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The object model for OpenAPI specification documents.


  • What does this do?
  1. This package knows how to marshal and unmarshal Swagger API specifications into a golang object model
  2. It knows how to resolve $ref and expand them to make a single root document
  • How does it play with the rest of the go-openapi packages ?
  1. This package is at the core of the go-openapi suite of packages and code generator
  2. There is a spec loading package to fetch specs as JSON or YAML from local or remote locations
  3. There is a spec validation package built on top of it
  4. There is a spec analysis package built on top of it, to analyze, flatten, fix and merge spec documents
  • Does this library support OpenAPI 3?

No. This package currently only supports OpenAPI 2.0 (aka Swagger 2.0). There is no plan to make it evolve toward supporting OpenAPI 3.x. This discussion thread relates the full story.

An early attempt to support Swagger 3 may be found at: