Geospatial Catalogue in Go
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Geospatial Catalogue in Go



geocatalogo's default backend is Elasticsearch and requires an Elasticsearch endpoint as defined in configuration.

# create directory for local env
mkdir /path/to/golang-env
export GOPATH=/path/to/golang-env
# install dependencies
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
# install geocatalogo
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
# set configuration
# (sample in $GOPATH/src/
cp geocatalogo-config.env local.env
vi local.env  # update accordingly
# GEOCATALOGO_SERVER_OPENAPI_DEF: path to stac-api.json
# GEOCATALOGO_SERVER_URL: URL of geocatalogo instance for serving via HTTP
. local.env


Using the geocatalogo command line utility

# list commands

# index a metadata record
geocatalogo index --file=/path/to/record.xml

# index a directory of metadata records
geocatalogo index --dir=/path/to/dir

# dedicated importers

# Landsat on AWS (
curl | gunzip > /tmp/scene_list
landsat-aws-importer --file /tmp/scene_list

# OpenAerialMap Catalog (
curl > /tmp/oam.json
oam-catalog-importer --file /tmp/scene_list

# search index
geocatalogo search --term=landsat

# search by bbox
geocatalogo search --bbox -152,42,-52,84

# search by time instant
geocatalogo search --time 2018-01-19T18:28:02Z

# search by time range
geocatalogo search --time 2007-11-11T12:43:29Z,2018-01-19T18:28:02Z

# search by any combination exclusively (term, bbox, time)
geocatalogo search --time 2007-11-11T12:43:29Z,2018-01-19T18:28:02Z --bbox -152,42,-52,84 --term landsat

# get a metadata record by id
geocatalogo get --id=12345

# get a metadata record by list of ids
geocatalogo get --id=12345,67890

# run as an HTTP server (default port 8000)
geocatalogo serve
# run as an HTTP server on a custom port
geocatalogo serve --port 8001
# run as an HTTP server honouring the STAC API
geocatalogo serve --api stac

# get version
geocatalogo version

Using the API

// init a Geocatalogue from environment
import (

cat, err := geocatalogo.NewFromEnv()
if err != nil {

// index a Dublin Core metadata record
source, err := ioutil.ReadFile(file)
if err != nil {
	fmt.Printf("Could not read file: %s\n", err)
metadataRecord, err := parsers.ParseCSWRecord(source)
if err != nil {
	fmt.Printf("Could not parse metadata: %s\n", err)
result := cat.Index(metadataRecord)
if !result {
	fmt.Println("Error Indexing")

// search records and present records 0 - 10
results := cat.Search("birds", 0, 10)

// get record by id
results := cat.Get("record-id-123")

// process results
for _, result := range results.Records {
	b, _ := json.MarshalIndent(result, "", "    ")
	fmt.Printf("%s\n", b)


Running Tests


Bugs and Issues

All bugs, enhancements and issues are managed on GitHub.