@ARolek ARolek released this Aug 10, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 9
  • Documentation: Typo, grammar, clarity fixes. (#345 @erictheise)
  • inspector : Sort property names in feature inspector (#367 @erictheise)
  • geom/encoding/wkb/ : Added Fuzzing framework for wkb (#53 @chebizarro)
  • server/: Fix nil pointer dereference when using implicit zooms. (#387 @ear7h)
  • server/: For MinZoom and MaxZoom default to appropriate values. (#354 @ear7h)
  • server/: For invalid x,y values we should return a non-200 response code. (#334 @ear7h)
  • server/: Empty layer should return 404 (#375)
  • server/: Bunch of new build tags for leaving out features. (#397)
  • server/ : Enviromental Var subtitution [breaking change] (#353 @ear7h)
  • server/: Fixed TileJSON minZoom and maxZoom values when two layers with same zoom exists. (@paumas)
  • maths/makevalid: Simplify, optimize unique. (#344 @paulmach)
  • cache/s3: Add configurable ACL and Endpoint support for S3 cache to allow for S3 compliant stores outside of AWS (i.e. minio). (#413 @stvno)
  • cache/s3: Add configurable Cache-Control headers. (#448 @stvno)
  • cmd/tegola_lambda: Support for running tegola on AWS Lambda. (#388) Instructions can be found in the README.md in the package.
  • cache/file: On Windows files are written with invalid names (#422 @TNT0305)
  • providers/postgis: Support for SSL (#426 @nickelbob)
  • providers/postgis: Fixed panic when encountering 3D geometries (#89)
  • providers/postgis: Gracefully handle NULL geometries (#429)
  • providers/postgis: Add support for !bbox! (Mapnik) and !BOX! (MapServer) tokens (#443 @olt)
  • providers/postgis: Add geometry_type option to avoid table inspection (#466 @olt)
  • providers/postgis: Added TEGOLA_ prefix to SQL_DEBUG (#489)
  • cache/azblob: Support for Azure blob store as a cache backend (#425)
  • Enable Go pprof profiler with TEGOLA_HTTP_PPROF environment (@olt)

@ARolek ARolek released this Apr 12, 2018 · 180 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Cleaned out the vendor directory and moved some small external packages into the internal package.
  • Added the following build flags:
    • noS3Cache - turn off the AWS S3 cache back end
    • noRedisCache - turn off the Redis cache back end
    • noPostgisProvider - turn off the PostGIS data provider
    • noGpkgProvider - turn off the GeoPackage data provider
    • noViewer - turn off the embedded viewer

@ARolek ARolek released this Mar 20, 2018 · 194 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

server/static Update hides layers that are not available from the inspector view. (#365 @erictheise)

@gdey gdey released this Mar 10, 2018 · 198 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Fixed windows build, and zipped things up.
  • Windows builds were being build with a bad GOARCH var.
  • We are now zipping the binaries to reduce the size of the final file.
  • Activated Redis cache.

@ARolek ARolek released this Feb 27, 2018 · 208 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • provider/postgis: Added: connection parameterization for tegola unit-test suite (#221)
  • provider/postgis: Fixed: Using !ZOOM! token can cause nil geom type on style generation (#232)
  • provider/postgis: Refactor postgis provider to use provider.Tiler interface (#265)
  • provider/gpkg: Add GeoPackage as a Provider (#161)
  • wkb: Fixed: WKT for collection doesn't do much (#227, @remster)
  • server: Fixed: A GET request for a Tile with a negative row value is successful (#229)
  • server: Fixed: Tile request returns 200 when using invalid map (#250)
  • internal/log: Added: Logger outputs file:line of log/standard.go along with timestamp in output. (#231)
  • tegola: Fixed / Added: Configurable tile buffer (#107)
  • config: Added: Support environment variables in config file (#210)
  • config: Added: Support for turning off simplification per layer (#165)
  • server: Added: Configurable CORS header (#28)
  • server: Fixed: Tile cache middleware not receiving response code 200 (#263)
  • server: Fixed: /maps/:map/:layer/:z/:x/:y not filtering to correct layer (#252)
  • server: Fixed: style generator handling of nil geoms (#302)
  • server: Removed configurable request logger in server package (#255)
  • server: Added: Configurable layer simplification (#165)
  • mvt/feature: Fixed: 2 pt lines are being disregarded (#280)
  • maths/clip/: Fixed: Line clipping panics when linestring has 0 points (#290)
  • cache/file: Fixed: Caching at higher levels than specified by maxZoom (#311)
  • cache/s3: Fixed: Caching at higher levels than specified by maxZoom (#311)
  • cache/redis: Added: Redis cache support (#300 - @ear7h)
  • encoding/geojson: Added: geojson data types and encoding. (#288)
  • Write Dockerfile to build tegola & create minimal deployment images (#244)
  • Wire docker image build into CI (#245)
  • Fixed: clipping & simplification bugs (#282)
  • Documentation: Document the layer name property in the example config (#333 @pnorman)

Additional Notes

  • tegola now has a public docker image which can be found at https://hub.docker.com/r/gospatial/tegola/.
  • Pre built binaries have been reduced down to: windows, osx and linux. Each platform has a pure Go and a CGO version. Use the CGO versions if you need support for the geopackage data provider.

@ARolek ARolek released this Dec 22, 2017 · 496 commits to master since this release

Assets 17
  • Added: Command line cache seed and cache purge commands (#64)
  • Added: Support for local filesystem as a cache backend (#64)
  • Added: Support for Amazon S3 as a cache backend (#64)
  • Added: More robust command line interface (#64)
  • Added: No-Cache headers to /capabilities, /capabilities/:map_name and /maps/:map_name/style.json endpoints. (#176)
  • Fixed: Possible Panic if a feature without an ID is added before a feature with an ID; when constructing Layers (#195)

Breaking changes:

  • To use tegola as a web server, use the command tegola serve --config=/path/to/config.toml