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The Go Study Group Agendas 😁

This repository has agendas and meeting notes from the Go Study Groups.

Add an item to the agenda

Wait, What is the Go Study Group?

The study group is a really casual meeting, similar to an unconference. You don’t need to have experience with Go or public speaking. All you need is a bit of programming experience and an interest to learn about or demonstrate cool stuff related to Go.

Everyone is welcome regardless of background or experience with Go!

We meet every Thursday from 10:00am - 11:00am (US / North America Pacific Time) at this Zoom link:

Check out to learn more.

Adding to the Agenda

The same people who can attend the study groups can add to the agenda - absolutely anybody!!

There are two different kinds of items you can add to the agenda:

  • Something you want to show or teach
  • Something you want to learn about

To do either, simply create a new issue and choose the appropriate type.

Something to Show or Teach 🎉

If you submitted something to show, you'll have a chance to show it off at an upcoming meeting. We usually do these in the order they were submitted, but we may deviate from that periodically if there are time restrictions or someone else has been waiting for a long time.

Something to Learn ❤️

If you submitted something you want to learn, we'll try to find someone who can teach it and schedule that for an upcoming study group.

Also, if you see an issue requesting to learn something, and you'd like to teach it - please comment on the issue with I'll teach this and we'll schedule you for an upcoming study group.


Agendas for the Go Study Group Meetings







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