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// Code generated by go-swagger; DO NOT EDIT.
package store
// This file was generated by the swagger tool.
// Editing this file might prove futile when you re-run the generate command
import (
middleware ""
// PlaceOrderHandlerFunc turns a function with the right signature into a place order handler
type PlaceOrderHandlerFunc func(PlaceOrderParams) middleware.Responder
// Handle executing the request and returning a response
func (fn PlaceOrderHandlerFunc) Handle(params PlaceOrderParams) middleware.Responder {
return fn(params)
// PlaceOrderHandler interface for that can handle valid place order params
type PlaceOrderHandler interface {
Handle(PlaceOrderParams) middleware.Responder
// NewPlaceOrder creates a new http.Handler for the place order operation
func NewPlaceOrder(ctx *middleware.Context, handler PlaceOrderHandler) *PlaceOrder {
return &PlaceOrder{Context: ctx, Handler: handler}
/*PlaceOrder swagger:route POST /stores/order store placeOrder
Place an order for a pet
type PlaceOrder struct {
Context *middleware.Context
Handler PlaceOrderHandler
func (o *PlaceOrder) ServeHTTP(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
route, rCtx, _ := o.Context.RouteInfo(r)
if rCtx != nil {
r = rCtx
var Params = NewPlaceOrderParams()
if err := o.Context.BindValidRequest(r, route, &Params); err != nil { // bind params
o.Context.Respond(rw, r, route.Produces, route, err)
res := o.Handler.Handle(Params) // actually handle the request
o.Context.Respond(rw, r, route.Produces, route, res)
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