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An online book focusing on Go syntax/semantics.
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Go 101 is a book focusing on Go syntax/semantics and all kinds of details. The book also tries to help gophers gain a deep and thorough understanding of Go. The book is expected to be helpful for both beginner and experienced Go programmers.

Install And Update


$ go get -u


$ go get -u

to install and update Go 101.

(NOTE: if your last go get -u command run was before July 28th, 2018, please run this command again to install the latest go101 program.)

Run Locally

Add the path of the bin folder under GOPATH into PATH environment variable to run go101. The default value of the GOPATH environment variable is the path of the go folder under the home directory.

$ go101
Server started:
   http://localhost:55555 (non-cached version) (cached version)

The start page should be opened in a browser automatically. If it is not opened, please visit http://localhost:55555.


Welcome to improve Go 101 by:

  • Submitting corrections for all kinds of mistakes, such as typos, grammar errors, wording inaccuracies, description flaws, code bugs and broken links.
  • Suggesting interesting Go related contents.

Current contributors are listed on this page.

Translations are also welcome. Here is a list of the ongoing translation projects:


Copyright (c) Tapir Liu. All rights reserved. Please read the LICENSE for more details.

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