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travis badge is a collection of packages for Go programmers.

They started out living in Perkeep's repo and elsewhere but they have nothing to do with Perkeep, so we're moving them here.


  • single repo. go4 is a single repo. That means things can be changed and rearranged globally atomically with ease and confidence.

  • no backwards compatibility. go4 makes no backwards compatibility promises. If you want to use go4, vendor it. And next time you update your vendor tree, update to the latest API if things in go4 changed. The plan is to eventually provide tools to make this easier.

  • forward progress because we have no backwards compatibility, it's always okay to change things to make things better. That also means the bar for contributions is lower. We don't have to get the API 100% correct in the first commit.

  • no Go version policy go4 packages are usually built and tested with the latest Go stable version. However, go4 has no overarching version policy; each package can declare its own set of supported Go versions.

  • code review contributions must be code-reviewed. We're trying out Gerrithub, to see if we can find a mix of Github Pull Requests and Gerrit that works well for many people. We'll see.

  • CLA compliant contributors must agree to the Google CLA (the same as Go itself). This ensures we can move things into Go as necessary in the future. It also makes lawyers at various companies happy. The CLA is not a copyright assignment; you retain the copyright on your work. The CLA just says that your work is open source and you have permission to open source it. See

  • docs, tests, portability all code should be documented in the normal Go style, have tests, and be portable to different operating systems and architectures. We'll try to get builders in place to help run the tests on different OS/arches. For now we have Travis at least.


For any question, or communication when a Github issue is not appropriate, please contact the Perkeep mailing list.


go4 hosts the packages.







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