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(ns game-of-chaos.core
(:require ;[clojure.browser.repl :as repl]
[jayq.core :as jq
:refer [$ append ajax inner html $deferred when done resolve pipe on]]))
;($ (fn [] (repl/connect "http://localhost:9000/repl")))
;($ (fn [] (repl/connect "http://betalabs:9000/repl")))
(defn plot [context x y]
(.fillRect context (int x) (int y) 1 1))
(defn get-param [k i]
(let [id (str "#" k i)
v (.val ($ id))]
(if (empty? v)
(cljs.reader/read-string v))))
(defn get-params [i]
(let [ks ["a" "b" "c" "d" "e" "f" "p"]]
(map #(get-param % i) ks)))
(defn rule [i]
(let [[a b c d e f p] (get-params i)]
(fn [x y]
[(+ (* a x) (* b y) e) (+ (* c x) (* d y) f)])))
(defn rules []
(vec (map rule (range 4))))
(defn rand-rule-id [ps]
(let [n (rand)]
(loop [i 0
cp 0.0]
(let [new-cp (+ cp (get ps i))]
(if (>= new-cp n)
(recur (inc i) new-cp))))))
(defn run [iterations]
(let [rules (rules)
ps (vec (map (comp last get-params) (range 4)))
canvas (.get ($ "#canvas") 0)
ctx (.getContext canvas "2d")
width (.-width canvas)
height (.-height canvas)
center [(quot width 2) (quot height 2)]
[cx cy] center]
(loop [i 1
x 0
y 0]
(when (< i iterations)
(let [px (+ cx (* x 100))
py (+ height (* y -80))]
(plot ctx px py))
(let [rule (get rules (rand-rule-id ps))
[x y] (rule x y)]
(recur (inc i) x y))))))
(defn inc-iteration-counter [n]
(let [counter ($ "#iterations")
counted (js/parseInt (.text counter))
new-count (+ counted n)]
(.text counter new-count)))
(def state (atom :running))
(defn start []
(reset! state :running)
(let [btn ($ "#start")
run-again (fn run-again []
(when (= @state :running)
(run 10000)
(inc-iteration-counter 10000)
(js/setTimeout run-again 200)))]
(.text btn "Stop")
(defn stop []
(let [btn ($ "#start")]
(reset! state :stopped)
(.text btn "Start")))
(defn clear []
(let [canvas (.get ($ "#canvas") 0)
ctx (.getContext canvas "2d")
width (.-width canvas)
height (.-height canvas)]
(.clearRect ctx 0 0 width height)))
($ #(on ($ :body) :click "#start" {}
(fn [e]
(jq/prevent e)
(if (= (.text ($ "#start")) "Start")
($ #(on ($ :body) :click "#clear" {}
(fn [e]
(jq/prevent e)
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