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This is a project to make django development easier (just like in fairy-tale)
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This is a project to make django development easier (just like in fairy-tale) When you make a project, admin will automatically activated, template, static, and media folder will also be prepared. When you make a new app, the app will be registered in "INSTALLED_APP". Also, the urls will be registered in project url automatically. When you make a new model, it will automatically registered in admin settings When you make a new view, the new url and template will automatically created


To make a new project :

  • python django_fairy/ fairy-startproject your_new_project

To make a new app, model and view respectively :

  • python fairy-startapp your_app_name
  • python fairy-makemodel your_app_name your_model_name
  • python fairy-makeview your_app_name your_model_name

To use interactive mode:

  • python fairy-shell

Django-fairy was created to make your life easier, not take the freedom from you. Anytime you think, you need the default django behavior, you can use any regular command as usual.


  • When startapp performed, urls and admins should be added automatically (done)
  • When startapp performed, global urls should include app url (done)
  • Fairy app that include several function to avoid verbosity
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