Experiment: a JavaFX Graphical User interface for goGPS Java
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.settings Try to detect system and set native lib classpath at runtime Jun 7, 2015
build This file is not being generated by Eclipse, so I add it to version Jun 15, 2015
buildwin Updated goGPS dependency to use our "SnapshotGPS" branch. Updated Jul 3, 2015
data Added example data Jun 19, 2015
libs/RXTX Adding RXTX Jun 7, 2015
src/main renamed Nov 12, 2015
.classpath With this pom, and the m2e-apt plugin, Eclipse annotation processing Jun 21, 2015
.factorypath This factorypath seems to work with Eclipse's own apt processor. See: Jun 25, 2015
.project Initial structure, based on DukeScript Jun 5, 2015
LICENSE Initial commit Mar 29, 2015
build.fxbuild Example ant task for bundling a native app Jun 12, 2015
pom.xml v0,6 Nov 6, 2015