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This is the example used in the README. Note that apart from design/design.go the only line of code that is not generated is the line that does the addition and writes the response in operands.go.

The instructions below assume that goagen has been installed:

go get

Setup and Code Generation

The file operands.go contains a go:generate comment which invokes goagen to generate the source of the example from the design package. go get the example and run go generate to produce the entire source:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go generate

Note: go get displays an error because it cannot find the pagkage - this is expected as this package is generated and not committed. The error can be safely ignored.

Running the Example

The example can then be built and run, nothing special:

go build

Compile and Run the Client

Compile and run the client in a different terminal:

cd tool/adder-cli
go build
./adder-cli add operands /add/1/2
2016/03/21 00:33:10 [INFO] started id=nclom9xa GET=http://localhost:8080/add/1/2
2016/03/21 00:33:10 [INFO] completed id=nclom9xa status=200 time=20.102916ms