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This repository contains the source code of The site is a static website built using hugo.


Is that typo bugging you? us too! If you want to do something about it:

  1. Fork and clone the repo
  2. Open a terminal, cd into the cloned repo and run make
  3. Edit the content of the markdown files in the /content directory.
  4. Submit a Pull Request

make starts a server on your box that "live-loads" all changes you make to the content (that is the page should refresh itself each time you save a content page). Once make complete simply open a browser to http://localhost:1313 and browse to the page you are editing.


Translations are kept under the content directory. Each language has its own file extension of the form <code>.md where <code> is the ISO 2 letter language code.

To contribute to an existing translation:

  1. Fork and Clone the repo.
  2. Checkout the language specific branch (named after the language code).
  3. Make your changes in the branch in content/<code>.
  4. Send Pull Requests to the branch.
  5. When the translation is ready send a PR to the master branch.

To start a new translation:

  1. Open a new issue describing the new language being translated to
  2. Figure out your language code. For example: ja, zh, es, de, ...etc.
  3. A team member will make a new branch. For example fr or ja.
  4. Fork the branch and add the required files, see below.
  5. Send PRs to the branch (this can be work in progress).
  6. When the translation is ready send a PR to the master branch.

The files that support a given language are:

  • layouts/<code>/: contains the layout pages
  • layouts/partials/<code>/: contains the partials files
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