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Permission changes are immediate and transparent. Users do not need to logout, login or refresh to change permissions.

Roles Available

  • admin
  • moderator
  • owner
  • user
  • bot
  • guest
  • livechat-agent
  • livechat-manager
  • livechat-guest

Permissions Available

Permission Purpose
access-mailer Accessible from Administration -> Mailer. Permission to send mass email to all users.
access-permissions Accessible from Administration -> Permissions module. Modify permissions for various roles.
add-user-to-any-c-room Permission to add a user to a public room.
add-user-to-any-p-room Permission to add a user to a private room.
add-user-to-joined-room Permission to add a user to a joined room.
archive-room Permission to archive a room.
assign-admin-role Accessible from Administration -> Users module. Permission to promote user to Admin. Requires view-user-administration permission.
ban-user Permission to ban a user.
bulk-create-c Permission to bulk create public rooms.
bulk-register-user Permission to bulk add users.
close-livechat-room Permission to close your own live chat room.
close-others-livechat-room Permission to close others live chat rooms.
create-c Permission to create a public channel.
create-d Permission to create a direct chat.
create-p Permission to create a private group.
create-user Accessible from Administration -> Users module. Click the + sign found on the top right hand corner of the Users list to create a new user.
delete-c Permission to delete a public room.
delete-d Permission to delete a direct chat.
delete-message Permission to delete a message within a room. If this permission is assigned then hold your mouse over the message until you see a gear appear. Click the gear then click the trash can to remove the message from the conversation.
delete-p Permission to delete a private room.
delete-user Permission to delete a user.
edit-message Permission to edit a message. If this permission is assigned then hold your mouse over the message until you see a gear appear. Click the gear then click the pencil icon to edit the message.
edit-other-user-active-status Accessible from Administration -> Users module. Permission to enable or disable other accounts.
edit-other-user-info Accessible from Administration -> Users module. Permission to change other user's name, username or email address.
edit-other-user-password Accessible from Administration -> Users module. Permission to modify other user's passwords. Requires edit-other-user-info permission.
edit-privileged-setting Permission to edit privileged settings
edit-room Permission to edit a room's name, topic, type (private or public status) and status (active or archived). This menu is visible by clicking the INFO icon on the top right hand corner of the screen while inside a room.
manage-assets Accessible from Administration -> Assets. Permission to manage assets. Must also be admin
manage-emoji Accessible from Administration -> Custom Emoji. Click the + sign found on the top right hand corner of the emoji list to add a new emoji.
manage-integrations Accessible from Administration -> Integrations. Permission to manage all integrations.
manage-oauth-apps Accessible from Administration -> OAuth. Permission to OAuth.
manage-own-integrations User can create and edit own integration - webhooks.
manage-sounds Accessible from Administration -> Custom Sounds. Permission to manage sounds.
mention-all Permission to mention everyone
mute-user Permission to mute other users in the same channel.
pin-message Permission to pin a message.
preview-c-room Permission to preview a public room.
remove-user Permission to remove a user from a room.
run-import Accessible from Administration -> Import. Permission to import data. Must also be an admin
run-migration Permission to run migrations.
set-moderator Permission to set a moderator for a room.
set-owner Ability to set other users as owner of a public channel.
unarchive-room Permission to unarchive a room.
view-c-room Ability to view public chat rooms.
view-d-room Ability to view direct messages. Does not affect ability to begin / start a direct message with another user.
view-full-other-user-info View full profile of other users including account creation date, last login, etc.
view-l-room Permission to live chat room.
view-livechat-rooms Permission to view list of live chat rooms.
view-logs Accessible from Administration -> View Logs. Permission to view logs.
view-p-room Permission to view private rooms.
view-privileged-setting Permission to view privileged settings.
view-room-administration Enables Administration -> Rooms module. Enables ability to view public, private and direct message statistics. Does not include the ability to view conversations or archives.
view-statistics Enables Administration -> Info module. Enables ability to view system statistics such as number of users logged in, number of rooms, operating system information.
view-user-administration Enables Administration -> Users module. Only includes partial, read-only list view of other user accounts currently logged into the system. No user account information is accessible with this permission. Add view-full-other-user-info to see complete list of other users via the Administration -> Users module.