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Managing your account

To access and manage your Goalify.Chat account on a server, login and click on your profile picture or username and select My Account.

Changing an account setting only changes it for the server you are connected to and not all servers you have access to. You will need to configure your account on each server you connect to.

You can manage settings for the following account sections:



Set the language to use for the Goalify.Chat user interface.


Enable or disable all desktop notifications, test desktop notifications and configure:

  • The global notification duration in seconds
  • Enter key behaviour
    • Normal mode (send with Enter)
    • Alternative mode (send with Enter + Ctrl/Alt/Shift/CMD)
    • Desktop mode (only sends with enter on desktop)
  • View mode
    • Normal: the default spacing between messages
    • Cozy: more space between messages (less on the screen)
    • Compact: less space between messages (more on the screen)
  • Offline Email Notifications
    • Disabled
    • Every Mention/DM

and enable or disable the following preferences:

  • Unread Tray Icon Alert: This will toggle if the tray icon will be highlighted when you have unread messages;
  • Use Emojis: This will toggle emojis in messages;
  • Convert ASCII to Emoji: This will toggle emoji conversion when inputing ASCII characters;
  • Auto Load Images: With this disabled you will have to click on images to preview them;
  • Save Mobile Bandwidth:
  • Collapse embedded media by default: This will toggle if messages with files will be collapsed by default;
  • Unread Rooms Mode: This will create a new section on the channel list with all channels with unread messages;
  • Hide usernames: This will hide usernames on the channels, showing only the users avatars;
  • Hide roles: This will hide role tags from users;
  • Hide right side bar with click: When you click outside of a tab it will automatically close it;
  • Hide Avatars: This will hide avatars on the channels, showing only the users usernames;
  • Merge private groups with channels


Specify a comma separated list of words or phrases to trigger notifications for when mentioned by anyone in public or private channels you are a member of.


Configure audio notifications used for the following events:

  • New Room
  • New Message

Available audio notifications:

  • None
  • Beep
  • Chelle
  • Ding
  • Droplet
  • Highbell
  • Seasons


Verify and edit the following profile information:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Set a new password

If your email has been verified by the Goalify.Chat server a tick will appear alongside it.

You can also ask to another email verification email to be sent to you from here.

Set or change your avatar for a Goalify.Chat server by clicking on one of the images beside your current avatar. To upload a new avatar select the box with a arrow pointing up.


Enable or disable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account on a Goalify.Chat server.