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This repo contains handouts for the non-credit Android classes I taught at Montgomery College, and the code we generated in class. I hope it could be of some use to anyone else teaching an Android class. I do not recommend using this material to learn Android yourself, though it might be a useful companion to anyone working through the course text book, Beginning Android Application Development, by Wei-Meng Lee, published by Wrox.

These notes cover Android 1 and Android 2. Each course consisted of 5 3-hour classes, for 30 total hours of classroom time. I think you'll find a general trend of improvement in quality of notes from the first class to the last one.

The code contained herein is not especially robust or representive of best practices. In the interest of time, and keeping students engaged, I often allowed things like imperfect AsyncTask usage (crashing on orientation change), or hard-coded strings in XML layout files. I left each project in the state it was in at the end of class. I may get back to clean up the code and comment it better, but it's unlikely.

The prerequisite for this class was a single 15-hour course on Java development, which meant that we also needed cover some related ideas like XML, databases, and concurrency, and you'll see the related notes and code here. I had to scale back how much I planned to cover in each class after the first few classes; most of the course 1 notes contain content that I did not cover fully, or at all.

If you plan to use this material for your own class, feel free to get in touch.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.


Handouts for the Android classes I taught at Montgomery College, and the code we generated in class



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