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Goat Attack

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Goat Attack is a fast-paced multiplayer pixel art shooter game.

Goat Attack is a multiplayer 2D platformer pixel art shooter game for Linux, OS X and Windows. You can play it in a local network or over the Internet. This project is splitted into three subprojects. The game itself, its map editor and a master server. Six gameplay modes are supported. deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, speed race, catch the coin and goat of the hill.

The game and the map editor can be compiled for all three platforms. The master server is for linux only. The master server is a dedicated server responsible for collecting the connection information (IP address and port) of all available game servers and providing that to the users.


Game Play

Play in free for all or in team modes. Pick up grenades, bombs and throw them. Be aware not killing yourself. In some maps, you will find a frog. Pick it up und throw it against your opponents, but do not touch it. If you find a helmet, wear it. This helmet will protect you from damage.


Create your own dedicated game server. Read carefully the configuration help in the forum. If your server has own map packages, a connecting client will download these packages automatically.

Map editor

Create your own maps based on existing or created tilesets. If done, create a Goat Attack package and publish it with your own dedicated server.


Your dedicated server will create detailed log entries depending on each action. These log files can be easily used to create game play statistics and reports.

Build client


  • Debian/Ubuntu: build-essential autoconf libtool git libsdl2-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev libpng12-dev libfreetype6-dev
  • Archlinux: sdl2 sdl2_mixer libpng freetype2 git


Clone the repo and setup build system:

$ git clone
$ cd goatattack
$ autoreconf -i

Now configure your game.

$ ./configure

You have many options to add to the configure script. If you want to build the map editor too:

$ ./configure --enable-map-editor

To enable the non free music pack, add that as well:

$ ./configure --enable-map-editor --enable-non-free-pak

To have a look at all configure options:

$ ./configure --help

Now build and install the game. Ensure you are root while installing:

$ make
# make install

Build server


  • Debian/Ubuntu: build-essential libpng12-dev libfreetype6-dev
  • Archlinux: libpng freetype2


Clone the repo and setup, build and install:

$ git clone
$ cd goatattack
$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure --enable-dedicated-server
$ make
# make install


ft2build.h missing

If your configure script says, that the freetype include file (ft2build.h) is missing, pass the file location to the configure script:

$ CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/freetype2" ./configure [--OPTIONS]

OSX and Windows submodules

If you want to checkout these submodules, do this:

$ git submodule update --init

OSX build

Further OSX development put on hold, looking for maintainer!

You will find the Xcode project file in the osx folder, open it and build the solution. You will receive a Goat At the moment, the map editor will not be built in an OSX environment.

Windows build

Further Windows development put on hold, looking for maintainer!

In the windows\GoatAttack folder, you will find the project solution file. Open it and build the entire solution. You will need all SDL-dlls and the data folder. Take these files from the released zip file.