Assets 4


  • ctf1 fixed (hidden tiles removed)
  • in some circumstances, decrementing mun can do a flip from 0 to 255.


  • netcode better traffic shaping
  • silent build
  • chat message text style


  • I18N: english, german, french and portuguese
  • fontsystem completely rewritten (changed to freetype)
  • flag icon support
  • new tiles
  • new maps dm8, dm9, dm10
  • lagometer shows network traffic and lag
  • option: grenades and bombs can be shot
  • option: prevent pick items, if inventory full
  • now you can do an "/op" on a local hosted server
  • new server admin commands "/list" and "/stats"
  • able to create and load user defined player characters
  • GUI mousewheel support
  • better text clipping in GUI subsystem
  • copy & paste in map editor

@freanux freanux released this Oct 2, 2016 · 109 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Windows and OSX builds will follow as soon as possible

  • changing text fading speed
  • splitting shared from other projects
  • linking against system zlib (thanks to Rémi Verschelde)
  • build system cleanups (thanks to Rémi Verschelde)
  • vectorized desktop icon added (thanks to Rémi Verschelde)
  • new logtype "LogTypeMapClosed" added
  • creating base.pak using goatattack-cargo tool
  • optional data path as new game parameter (thanks to ObaniGemini)
  • upstream appdata files added (thanks to Rémi Verschelde)
  • man pages created
  • Logtype "LogTypeChatMessage" changed
  • fishy map volume removed (thanks to ObaniGemini)
  • netcode structures reordered (alignment fixes)
  • changed protocol version to 4 (due to reordering netcode structures)
  • create packages in map editor
  • goat attack now is ready for cross compiling
  • selecting custom server (thanks to IBPX)
  • jukebox can play user defined music
  • optionally fixed pipeline or OpenGL 3.1 rendering
  • spectate button added

@freanux freanux released this Jul 5, 2016 · 243 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • new rounded buttons
  • new menu
  • list of loaded paks
  • closing windows with escape keys
  • animation z-order fixed
  • map volume added
  • hasher switched from SHA256 to CRC64
  • changed protocol version to 3
  • ingame music player added (thanks to daniel & marcel for this masterpieces)

@goatattack goatattack released this Sep 30, 2015 · 264 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • quitting local server crash fixed
  • tooltips added
  • server commands
  • friendly-fire configurable