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Change Log

1.5.37 - Update (15 December 2018)

  • Added specials to Known Products list in discovery tab (includes customization parts and emotes).
  • Updated name mappings list.

1.5.36 - Update (15 December 2018)

  • Updated items list to match NMS 1.77 Update.

1.5.35 - Update (24 November 2018)

  • Updated items list to match NMS 1.75 "Visions" Update. NOTE: There are additional name mappings needed for "Visions" that aren't yet in the editor.

1.5.34 - Update (3 November 2018)

  • Updated items list to match NMS 1.71 patch.
  • Added "Test Mode" option to Edit menu, which removes many restrictions imposed by the editor.

1.5.33 - Update (30 October 2018)

  • Added Nautilon Exocraft and items (added in NMS 1.7).
  • Fixed bug in filename generation for base backup/restore.

1.5.32 - Update (13 October 2018)

  • Removed the enable/disable slots feature in Exocraft inventory UI (the game restricts this now).
  • Changed Add Item function to set the stack size to 1 for technology modules
  • Fixed issue with stacking technology modules while moving to other inventories (stack size should be 1)

1.5.31 - Update (6 October 2018)

  • Added name (Pilgrim) for new vehicle.
  • Removed Expand Inventory button for vehicles (restricted in-game).

1.5.30 - Update (2 October 2018)

  • Fixed issue where freighter bases aren't being saved in the correct location.
  • Updated name mapper for version 1.61.
  • Added 7x2 size limit on Exosuit - Technology inventory (to match hard-coded game rule).
  • Added procedural vehicle technologies (experimental 01/10 branch only).
  • Updated items list to match experimental 01/10 branch.

1.5.29 - Update (28 September 2018)

  • Updated items list to match NMS 1.61

1.5.28 - Update (14 September 2018)

  • Fixed some UI sizing issues on dialogs.
  • Added known products/technologies list to filter out procedural/maintenance items.
  • Fixed issue where modified date was not refreshing on save.
  • Updated items list for latest experimental branch.
  • Added more name mappings for save files.

1.5.27 - Update (8 September 2018)

  • Improved field validation (trim whitespace on input)
  • Changed procedural technology/product names to use available values instead of code names.
  • Added more name mappings for save files.

1.5.26 - Update (6 September 2018)

  • Updated items list to match NMS 1.59
  • Fixed a few more issues with UI sizing.
  • Added directory detection for when user runs the jar file without setting working directory path (should fix "unable to save" errors).

1.5.25 - Update (1 September 2018)

  • Improved logging and console output messages.
  • Fixed a number of issues with UI sizing.
  • Replaced InventoryFontScale with InventoryScaling (default=1.0) in config file.

1.5.24 - Update (31 August 2018)

  • Added more name mappings for new save files.
  • Changed mapping function to show warnings only once per file load/save.

1.5.23 - Update (28 August 2018)

  • Added more name mappings for new save files.
  • Updated save/saveas functions so that they no longer trigger a file reload.
  • Added new Move Base Computer dialog, which allows users to select from various base parts to swap with.

1.5.22 - Update (26 August 2018)

  • Updated items list for NMS 1.58 [experimental]
  • Added name mappings for converting new (experimental) save files into a format the editor can use.
  • Changed "Expand Inventory" button to "Resize Inventory" and allowed size reduction on inventory containers.

NOTE: This version should support the 24/08 experimental build of NMS as well as the current public release (1.57).

1.5.21 - Update (23 August 2018)

  • Updated broken slot detection to cater for the error in save file when slot is repaired in-game.

1.5.20 - Update (22 August 2018)

  • Added escapes for unicode characters in the raw JSON editor (should prevent a crash).
  • Added detection for truncated (corrupted) save files and added them to the recovery mode.

1.5.19 - Update (20 August 2018)

  • Changed the editor to store all backup files in new backups directory (under same directory as editor).
  • Updated save file modification detection and handling to make it more robust, and gave user much more control over the auto-load feature by providing an opt-out.
  • Added ability to backup / restore freighter bases.
  • Fixed an issue where Atlas words tickboxes could not be edited.

1.5.18 - Update (19 August 2018)

  • Added "Move Base Computer" function which allows users to swap their base computer with a pre-placed Signal Booster.
  • Added a new Frequestly Asked Questions help file.

1.5.17 - Update (17 August 2018)

  • Updated items list for NMS 1.57
  • Updated freighter home seed to clear the old freighter NPC structure when set.
  • Added search function to Add Item dialog.
  • Fixed some minor display issues on the main tab.
  • Fixed some missing item names in the items list (eg: Star Silk)

1.5.16 - Update (15 August 2018)

  • Added Repair All Slots / Technology menu item.
  • Added more logging messages to debug output.
  • Updated file saving method to use the same filename instead of switching between auto/manual saves.
  • Added detection for when the game updates a save file while it is open for editing, includes an auto-load feature.

1.5.15 - Update (10 August 2018)

  • Updated items list for NMS 1.55
  • Fixed issue where procedural tech could not be moved to technology-only inventory.
  • Added an auto-update process via the launcher executables.

1.5.14 - Update (8 August 2018)

  • Added procedural products to the items list.
  • Added ability to add procedural generated Tech / Products through the Add Item dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where only the first 4 or 5 bases were showing in the base dropdown list.


  • Procedurally generated names for technology / products still do not show in the editor as I haven't worked out the algorithm.

1.5.13 - Update (6 August 2018)

  • Added Atlas language to known words list.
  • Updated broken slot repair to handle salvaged ships in NEXT.

1.5.12 - Update (5 August 2018)

  • Rolled back change to so-called "improved" font scaling, as it didn't work properly.
  • Added "InventoryFontScale" value to config file to allow text on inventory items to be scaled up or down. Default is 0.75.
  • Updated "Use Old Models" to "Use Old Colours" in ships tab, as it only seems to affect colours.
  • Fixed Change Stack Size button to take into account item multipliers.
  • Increased maximum health to 200, as various shield tech increased maximum health beyond the previous maximum (100).

1.5.11 - Update (4 August 2018)

  • Added checkbox to allow ships to use old (pre-NEXT) models.
  • Improved font scaling, so editor should look he same regardless of O/S scaling.
  • Fixed stack size issues for various items (eg: Projectile Ammunition) which affected the Add Item, Move Item, and Change Stack Size functions.

1.5.10 - Update (3 August 2018)

  • Updated data from game files (NMS 1.53).
  • Added double click handling to Item Move dialog.
  • Added "On Mission" status indicator to frigates view.
  • Updated delete function so that it should no longer break missions in progress.
  • Added ability to change Galaxy using Coordinate Viewer.
  • Added new executables to increase memory available to the editor (with -4G suffix) for those who are encountering out of memory errors.

1.5.9 - Update (1 August 2018)

  • Fixed issue where incorrect tabs were being enabled/disabled after editing raw JSON.
  • Added the ability to modify item quantity and procedural id through the item viewer.
  • Added the ability to repair damaged frigates.
  • Added an Unlearn All button for learned words.

1.5.8 - Update (31 July 2018)

  • Changed Known Words Learn All function to only learn the words that are actually used by each race.
  • Fixed issue where edits made to Frigate stats don't save when you select the next frigate.
  • Updated the frigate trait list to show which traits are beneficial or not in the dropdowns.
  • Removed formatting from item descriptions in the item viewer.
  • Fixed issue where primary trait was not being updated on frigate type change.

1.5.7 - Update (30 July 2018)

  • Updated frigate management to filter traits based on frigate type.
  • Set limit on number of frigates to 30 (this is the in-game limit).
  • Changed Copy button to create frigates with new random seed value and no name.

1.5.6 - Update (30 July 2018)

  • Added ability to manage frigates and their stats.
  • Added home system seed field to freighters.

1.5.5 - Update (29 July 2018)

  • Added a save file recovery feature for saves that are corrupted in-game.
  • Added a check to ensure that an invalid ship index produced by the game doesn't impact the editor.

1.5.4 - Update (28 July 2018)

  • Added Delete Ship button (BE CAREFUL!).
  • Updated item viewer to show the correct ID for procedural technology.
  • Updated the planetary base backup/restore function to support NEXT bases.


  • Players who previously backed up their bases pre-NEXT should be able to restore their bases from file (choose "All" in the file selection dialog). This will automatically create a new main room structure, a teleporter, a doorway/ramp, and a few windows where things used to be in your old base.
  • The base restore function does not support terrain modifications (yet), so there is still an issue where terrain can bleed through the floor, especially with bases built underground.

1.5.3 - Update (27 July 2018)

  • Updated for NMS 1.51.
  • Updated the items database and fixed item categories.
  • Updated NPC races list to detect new models.
  • Added base selection box to the Base Information tab, to allow users to view all bases, not just the first one.

1.5.2 - Update (26 July 2018)

  • Updated exosuit and ship health to new max levels (was changed in NEXT).
  • Temporarily removed freighter NPCs from editor.

1.5.1 - Update (26 July 2018)

  • Added procedural technology to the items list (tech bought from vendors and installed).
  • Temporarily disabled the base backup/restore functionality (work in progress).

1.5.0 - First release for NEXT

  • Updated items database for No Man's Sky 1.5 (NEXT).
  • Added Nanites and Quicksilver fields to Exosuit tab.