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Hi everyone! Airbnb was using this module for their server-rendering and client bootstrapping but have since moved to and open sourced Hypernova which is a service that server renders your JS views but also includes some browser JS which does the server to client bootstrapping.

So this package/repo is now unmaintained and deprecated. I encourage you to check out Hypernova since it has very similar features.




A helper class that allows you to hand off data from server to client.

Iso is a class. You instantiate it, add your markup, add some data to go with it, and render it. On the clientside Iso picks up what you sent down and gives it back to you so you can bring your content to life.


constructor(name = '', renderer = defaultRenderer)

The constructor takes in a name which is then used to build up a unique key for every added html, and a renderer which is used to determine how the data is prestented to the client. By default the renderer renders the markup into a div and the data into a script tag.

Iso#add(html: string, data: ?object): this

You provide the markup to add and some data you wish to pass down, and iso will save it internally.

Iso#render(): string

Once you're ready to collect your html you call render and a string will be returned to you.

Iso.bootstrap(onNode: function, selector: function)

onNode is a function that is called with the data, and a reference to the container node on the DOM. The selector is a function that you can configure to find the state and nodes on the DOM and return them.

The returned payload from selector should be an Object which contains the state and node pair for each unique key.

  "foobar": {
    state: { name: "foo" },
    node: DOMNode,



// server.js
const iso = new Iso()

request.get('/', function (req, res) {
  iso.add('<div>Hello, World!</div>', { someSampleData: 'Hello, World!' })

// client.js
Iso.bootstrap(function (state, node) {
  // Now I do something with this data, perhaps run it through some library and then append
  // the result to node?



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