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fn = require './utils/fn'
# Parallel runs functions in parallel
# and calls the callback once all functions are complete
# * __tasks__ is an Array of functions to run
# * __cb__ is the callback
parallel = (tasks, cb) ->
replies = []
counter = tasks.length
# The done function is passed to every task we call, this function needs
# to be called in order for the function to be marked as 'complete'.
# Once all functions are complete, we apply the callback with all the arguments
# we have collected.
done = (args...) ->
counter -= 1
replies = replies.concat args
cb.apply cb, replies if counter is 0
tasks.forEach (task) -> task done
class Tasks
constructor: (@name) ->
@tasks = []
@after_tasks = []
add: (tasks...) ->
@tasks = @tasks.concat fn.flatten tasks
after: (tasks...) ->
@after_tasks = @after_tasks.concat fn.flatten tasks
run: (cb) ->
parallel @tasks, (res...) =>
if @after_tasks.length is 0
cb fn.sum res
parallel @after_tasks, (res_after...) -> cb fn.sum res.concat res_after
module.exports = Tasks
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