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GOautodial CE version 4.X

Overview The GOautodial CE Application (also called "GOautodial app")is the next generation open source multi/omni-channel web based contact center application. Unifiying the former GOautodial individual applications (GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent) and integrating them with other open source applications to create a user-friendly and intuitive contact center web app. By using modern standards and technologies, the "GOautodial app" is your easy to use and manage multi/omni-channel contact center web app.

Major Features:

Multi-channel contact center application (voice and non-voice) Predictive dialer + Inbound IVR and ACD Ticketing system Live chat SMS Fax Email Social media CRM type application Responsive design supporting major web browsers Drag and drop dashboard Modular plugin based system Reports and analytics Multi-language


Bootstrap 3 CSS framework Google Material Design WebRTC HTML5 Angular JQuery Code Igniter Asterisk Vicidial Kamailio CreamyCRM OSticket Live Helper Chat Hylafax


Online demo:


U: demo P: gaddemo