Blur is applied multiple times on pan/pinch/toggling #27

leejunkit opened this Issue Dec 5, 2012 · 3 comments

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Turn on blur and observe the effect. Then either toggle it on and off, or pan, or pinch. Observe that the blur "intensity" increases every time the event happens when the blur "intensity"/"level" should be constant, equal to the first time the blur is applied.


Ah this is an interesting one. Very subtle. I am reusing the blur instead of creating a new one each time, but not sure why this would happen. I wonder if it's due to the changes in GPUImage for caching textures, etc.


This has an unfortunate side effect of causing the image to become blurrer and blurrer everytime the user adjusts the size/position of the blur. Is there a way to force-reset the filter (like clear cached textures etc) without explicitly creating a new GuassianBlurFilter every single time?


Has been fixed in the latest GPUImage commits.

@leejunkit leejunkit closed this Feb 14, 2013
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