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The current version of gobby is 0.5.0. It is compatible with version 0.4.94.

Binary Distributions


An Installer is available. It includes both the Gobby text editor and the Infinoted dedicated server.


Gobby is available on most Linux distributions. On Ubuntu and Debian install gobby for the text editor. On both Ubuntu and Debian use infinoted for the dedicated server.

Mac OS X

Gobby runs on Mac OS X, however we cannot offer a pre-built package at the moment. You can easily install Gobby and required packages with brew.

Source Code Tarballs

Source Code tarballs of tagged releases of libinfinity and Gobby can be obtained on and, respectively.

The most current versions are available here (libinfinity 0.7.1) and here (Gobby 0.5.0) for your convenience.


All Gobby releases up to and including 0.5.0, and all libinfinity releases up to and including 0.6.6 are signed with Armin's GPG key with ID 0x79B57591 (fingerprint B63A 7560 B25B 619C A11E 2192 25A9 41E8 79B5 7591).

All Gobby releases from 0.5.1 and all libinfinity releases from 0.6.7 are signed with Armin's GPG key with ID 0xBF1D92C7 (fingerprint 7288 34F3 B8D5 52ED 25CC 1B1F B1C7 1544 BF1D 92C7). This key is also signed with the old key.