Developer challenge entry for OR2014
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Developer challenge entry for OR2014

Find out more by reading: Presentation slides at

Test forms for humans are available at and Actual endpoints hosted at and

(These are hosted on personal servers and might not last forever - we're still looking for a permanent home for an FML service.)

Try out the forms to see which parameters the webservice endpoints accept and require.

Demonstration repositories are available for testing, too:

  • : Self-register at this demo EPrints site and try out the autocomplete person name lookups when entering author information in a submission form

  • : Self-register at this demo DSpace site and try out person name authority lookups and equipment authority lookups. Note: this particular instance will only stay up for as long as Kim can afford it. Generic authority lookups will be contribued to DSpace core shortly, at which time should work for person name lookup demos


Fun fact: "chalege" means "rapid github repository creation methodology" in Southamptonese