Query Active Directory for Workstations and then pull their Wireless Network Passwords
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Query Active Directory for Workstations and then Pull their Wireless Network Passwords

This tool is designed to pull a list of machines from AD and then use psexec to pull their wireless network passwords. This should be run with either a DOMAIN or WORKSTATION Admin account.

After it runs, the full output can be found at your $Output variable location.


Edit the variables on lines 7-9 of the script per your needs.

This can be used as a blue team tool to ensure that your users are not connecting to networks that use weak passwords or networks with weak encryption types.

It can also be used as a red team tool to harvest potential passwords that are being used on the network or wireless hotspots that may not use RADIUS. But this is going to be super loud -> probably better to pick targets and just run the commands ad hoc.


-Written for Powershell 4.0, may work with other versions

-Requires PSExec


-This tool has been provided for testing and academic purposes only. Do not use this tool on accounts that you do not own or have express/strict written consent to test against. Do not use for illegal purposes!