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cheatsheets for all courses (all established knowledge), by LD Talent
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Knowledge Map Cheat Sheets, by Learning Dollars Talent

Goal: To assemble all established knowledge into an efficient set of cheat sheets for interdisciplinary innovation.

What percent of all established knowledge do you know? Find out by joining You will be able to mark the technical skills and academic topics you know.

LD Talent can also help you find engineering opportunities or engineers for hire.

Mission: Let's not get bogged down by information overload! Let's cut to the chase (in TOPOLOGICAL order so we never get stuck).

Method: To be used in conjunction with:

with the objective of structuring learning around a standard syllabus.

While learning to use a mobile device, computer, tablet and mouse has been intuitive since the the advent of the graphical user interface, typing may be something people still have to 'learn with effort'. If needed you can learn typing for free online using

This project IS NOT solving the problem of learning content -- online courses, videos, and q&a sites listed above solve that problem.

This project IS solving the problem of "going down a rabbit hole of prerequisites". When you don't know concept A, then you look it up, but find out you need to know unknown concept B which leads you to unknown concept C and so on. This project should eliminate that problem by presenting all established knowledge in topological order of prerequisites.

This project SHOULD ALSO help with writing proofs or arguments by surfacing all reference theorems / concepts in one place.

Finally, this project should stop you from feeling guilty about forgetting what you learned a few years ago by reminding you with ample context.

Explore these subjects to grasp the fundamentals of all knowledge:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Statistics
  3. Computer Science
  4. Physics - EE, MechE, Product Design, CivilE, Architecture, EnvE, AeroE, and Astronomy
  5. Chemistry - ChemE
  6. Biology - Medicine, BioE
  7. Psychology - Cognitive Science
  8. Economics - Business and Finance
  9. Humanities - Literature (grammar, vocab), Journalism, History, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, and Law
  10. Art - Visual Arts, Dance, Music (music theory, piano, singing, etc; spotify / saavn, youtube), Culinary Arts

FLIPPED CLASS IS MUCH BETTER. Can pause and understand comfortably. Live chat or Piazza helps.

To critique: Use the github comments.

To contribute:

  1. fork the project
  2. edit the fork (Please cite the source somehow, either an indication of the author on the pdf or below in the citations.)
  3. push to your fork (adding github as a remote for your fork might help and
  4. make a pull request from your fork to this project


Auxiliary Citations:

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