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Store messages across requests
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Flash component

The Flash component allows to store data across requests and objects with a session or request level scope. It is primarily designed to store messages accross requests.


$flash = new Gobline\Flash\Flash();

$flash->next('error', 'User email is invalid'); // sets a message that will be available in the next request

$flash->get('error'); // message only available in the next request, throws \InvalidArgumentException

$flash->get('error', 'foo'); // message only available in the next request, returns default "foo" value

$flash->now('info', 'Three credits remain in your account'); // message available in the current request

$flash->get('info'); // returns "Three credits remain in your account"

$flash->keep(); // keep messages set in the previous request so they will be available in the next request

Note that messages stored with next() are made available for the next request but not the request after that one. keep() allows to keep the same messages accross multiple requests.


You can install the Flash component using the dependency management tool Composer. Run the require command to resolve and download the dependencies:

composer require gobline/flash
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