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Translator component

The Translator component aids in building multilingual applications.

Creating the Translator

$translator = new Gobline\Translator\Translator();

Adding a Translation File

$translator->addTranslationFile(__DIR__.'./translations/fr/messages.php', 'fr');

At the moment, only PHP arrays are supported.

Adding a Directory of Translation Files

$translator->addTranslationFile(__DIR__.'./translations/nl', 'nl');

The directory will be searched recursively for translations files.

Adding an Array of Translations

$translator->addTranslationArray(['First name' => 'Vorname'], 'de');

Translate a Message

$translator->setDefaultLanguage('fr'); // you can set a default language

$translator->translate('First name'); // no language specified, using def. lang "fr" and returns "Prénom"

$translator->translate('First name', null, 'nl'); // returns "Voornaam"

$translator->translate('First name', null, 'it'); // no Italian translations provided, returns "First name"

$translator->translate('User %1 created', 'John'); // returns "Utilisateur John créé"

$translator->translate('User %1 %2 created', ['John', 'Smith']); // returns "Utilisateur John Smith créé"


You can install the Translator component using the dependency management tool Composer. Run the require command to resolve and download the dependencies:

composer require gobline/translate
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