2008 01 06 IRC meeting: 014 Postmortem

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A presumptive agenda for the 014 postmortem discussion

Saturday 5, 11am - US west coast (GMT-8) Saturday 5, 5pm - Brazil (GMT-2) Saturday 5, 8pm - Central Europe (GMT+1) Sunday 6, 8am - New Zealand (GMT+13)

For the ones interested, a log of the discussion can be found here (thanks to Jonas Karlsson)


  • Problems with our release process - individuals holding a token? What can be distributed better?
  • Interval between releases - is it an issue?
  • Bugs missed - we already have known issues1 with 014. Due to insufficient testing or impossible to catch them all? Bad routines?
  • Role of release manager - Developer? How many tails on the whip?
  • When is a release stable? What can be changed on a "stable" candidate? Problem has been that we have been working on a candidate so long that packages become outdated.
  • Roadmap - there hasn't been a clear roadmap for any releases, is it a problem?
  • Package selection/update process - How to choose packages/versions to include in release. How to communicate to release manager.

Roadmap 015

  • Make Base/CD/1G Flash images for snapshots. encourage greater testing.
  • Grow release, starting with Base -> Desktop -> Apps
...If there's time
Presumptive items on the 015 roadmap:
  • /System/Index
  • System management - GUI
  • Authentication and crypting data

014 Known issues

  • xcb_xlib assert error due to old libxcb
  • dbus doesn't have a system id
  • no kmix, kde-multimedia needs to be InstallPackage'd