2008 01 19 IRC meeting: 015 Roadmap

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The IRC log can be found here.

Table of Contents


  • 014 - will there be a package/fix update (with silly name)
  • Date vs functionallity - When we set a date what should be priority
  • Stages - what stages should we have, what should be done for each stage and when is it done
  • Roles - Besides Carlo, should we have roles and what should they be
    • Tool leads, roadmap feature leads, recipe maintainers
  • Roadmap - what should be on it
    • See below

Roadmap to 015

Prospective items on the 015 roadmap:

  • /Files - what to do with it
    • Lead: Detsch
    • Move things like fonts to /Programs, keep compatibility symlinks
  • Authentication (PAM)
    • Lead: Jonas
    • needs use flags.
  • Project management tool
    • Lead: Lucas (Mantis admin), mpb (recipes.g.o), Carlo
    • Tasks: update Mantis, maintainer tracking in recipes.g.o, links between recipes.g.o and wiki/bugtracker.
  • Automated packaging
    • Lead: Lucas, Carlo, Jonas
    • ChrootCompile changes are needed
  • Make Base/CD/1G Flash images for snapshots. encourage greater testing.
    • Lead: Carlo
  • Grow release, starting with Base -> Desktop -> Apps
    • Agreed upon. See Stages above.
  • new bootprocess
    • Lead: Hisham, Carlo
    • Dependency based. Reuse existing one if possible. Upstart is an option. Need to evaluate stuff.
  • use flags
    • Lead: Michael, Hisham
  • revamped freshen
    • Lead: Michael, Detsch
    • Freshen+Manager with a shared backend
Open discussion:
  • initrd for the install (for lvm and suspend to HDD for example)

Roadmap 016

  • /System/Index
  • get rid of /Files

Other Future Projects

  • System management GUI
  • Encrypted home dirs
  • /System/Aliens use language specific module managers. For install CPAN, ruby-gems, LuaRocks.