2008 02 02 IRC meeting: Tools development

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A presumptive agenda for the developer discussion week 5.

  • Saturday 2, 11am - US west coast (GMT-8)
  • Saturday 2, 5pm - Brazil (GMT-2)
  • Saturday 2, 8pm - Central Europe (GMT+1)
  • Sunday 3, 8am - New Zealand (GMT+13)

Table of Contents


  • Current development - is the model sufficient
  * svn migration - lead: Lucas
  * leads - feature based
  • New tools - Any new tools planned/needed
  * A bridge between InstallPackage and Compile.  Maybe a tool above
    Compile/InstallPackage/Freshen to provide a single interaction point.
    PackageKit support?
  * A tool which suggests a package if an executable isn't found
  • Major changes - any major cross-tools changes planned/needed
  • Signing tool releases - The signatures are often wrong. Why? How can we prevent this. (calica)


  • coding style - with more people hacking we need a coding style document (for all programming/scripting languages)
  * Keep 3 space indention for shell scripts
  * Use tabs for python
  • Use flags - for both Compile and InstallPackage Lead: mhomer


  • unionfs - what to do (fuse?)
  * enable PostInstall to run unsafely if unionfs is unavailable
  • /System/Index - when and how (can we implement it in the sandbox as a first stage?)
  • cleanup - a lot of duplicated as well as old/deprecated code


  • recipes - back to basic "The plan is to make Compile as smart as it can and the recipes as small as possible." - Hisham (2004) (http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/06/05/1949213)
  • modularisation - make each build type a module
  • ChrootCompile - move functionallity of ChrootCompile into Compile
  • librarisation - make Compile the frontend to a Compile library
  • python - to ease interaction with tools like Freshen and Manager should Compile be rewritten in python or wrappers added


  • logging - it's not working


  • more modules - expanding it with system configuration
  • Freshen - are they doing the same job or are they complements; if latter should Freshen be included in Manager
  • AbsTk - make it possible to run manager from the console


  • become single interaction point of all scripts
  • share backend with Manager


  • partitioning - multiple partitions and mount points from the installer
  • net install - download and install packages directly from a repo


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