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Creates an account for a new user and register it on the system. This script adds an option to populate this user's home directory with a customized settings environment.


   '''AddUser''' [<options>] <login>


  • -h, --help - Show this help.
  • --version - Show program version.
  • -v, --verbose - Enable verbose mode.
  • -c, --comment <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - Text to be stored in the comment field of the UNIX password file.
  • -f, --full-name <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - User's full name.
  • -r, --room-number <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - User's office number.
  • -w, --work-phone <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - User's work phone.
  • -h, --home-phone <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - User's home phone.
  • -o, --other <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - User's home phone.
  • -s, --shell <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - User's default shell. The default value is /bin/zsh.
  • -p, --password <entry>&lt;/tt&gt;</entry> - Encoded user's password.
  • -S, --skel - Populate home directory with customized settings.

Other considerations

User information such as full name and office number can be viewed with programs such as finger(1) and modified with chfn(1).


   AddUser -f 'Hisham Muhammad' hisham