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A list of things to remember after the first boot. This page is intended to be similar in spirit to the afterboot man page of the OpenBSD project.

I (Peter Eriksen) will be updating this page as I'm setting things up. I didn't find anything similar in the documentation, so here goes. It applies to release 011, and hopefully some of the things are built into the upcomming 012 release.

LiveCD Tricks

If X isn't set up correctly in the installation but works fine on the LiveCD, it might be good to cp the one from the running LiveCD to the installation. Here it's done through a floppy:

~]mount /Mount/Floppy
~]cp /System/Settings/X11/XF86Config /Mount/Floppy/

If networking with DHCP doesn't work on the LiveCD try this:


Privilege Escalation

Add user peter to the system group "sys". The user could also be added to a group wheel, but I guess, since there is already a group sys with user gobo in it and no group wheel, then it's natural to use sys as the administrator group.

~]usermod -G sys peter
Below only applies to GoboLinux 013 and earlier as it is default since GoboLinux 014
Next give peter root privileges by configuring the sudoers file.
Add e.g. the following line or something similar


~]ls -l /Programs/Glibc/Settings/localtime
lrwxrwxrwx  1 gobo gobo 56 2004-12-16 13:42 /Programs/Glibc/Settings/localtime -> /Programs/Glibc/Current/share/zoneinfo/America/Sao_Paulo
~]sudo ln -sf /Programs/Glibc/Current/Shared/zoneinfo/Europe/Copenhagen /Programs/Glibc/Settings/localtime
~]sudo ln -sf /Programs/Glibc/Current/Shared/zoneinfo/Europe/Copenhagen /System/Settings/localtime
It might be relevant to set the zoneinfo of the system clock.
~]ls /usr/share/zoneinfo
(Suppose you want to use GMT)
~]ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/GMT /etc/localtime


If the X configuration file from the LiveCD was saved on a floppy, copy it to the installation.

~]mount /Mount/Floppy
~]sudo cp /Mount/Floppy/XF86Config /System/Settings/X11/XF86Config

Boot Menu

~]sudo cp /System/Kernel/Boot/grub/menu.lst /System/Kernel/Boot/grub/menu.lst.backup
~]sudo vi /System/Kernel/Boot/grub/menu.lst

Terminal Settings

If remote ssh programs doesn't work it might be because of the terminal settings. In that case a workaround could be:

~]echo $TERM
~]export TERM=xterm

Compile Settings

~]sudo vim /Programs/Compile/Settings/Compile/Compile.conf
Put your name in compileRecipeAuthor="" and uncomment. Comment the line "". Use instead.

Updating the GoboLinux Infrastructure

It might be wise to upgrade Compile and other programs before attempting to compile or install other programs

~]InstallPackage Scripts
~]InstallPackage Compile

Known Issues

Remember to look over the known issues for things that might affect you. Also see if any of the tracking bugs affect you.

Miscellaneous Files to Check



In GoboLinux 0.14.1 you will first have to compile a custom kernel without Xen virtualisation as that is unsupported by NVIDIA's proprietary driver. Once that is done, just do:

~]Compile nvidia

Then edit /System/Settings/X11/xorg.conf. You need at least to change 'Driver "nv"' into 'Driver "nvidia"' outcomment "Load dri" if present.

Workarounds for Recipe Problems

~]cd /Programs/SDL/Current/include
~]ln -s SDL/* .
~]SymlinkProgram SDL


Soundcard Drivers

Power-Off .


Hardware Sensors