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The problem

I was just browsing around, looking for a list of all linux distros. I ended up at and guess what - they don't know GoboLinux. Then I started to google for it and was a bit disappointed by the result...

While I think GoboLinux is far away from world domination for good reason, it might be a good idea to create some nifty "I use GoboLinux" icons (I think Darth Pingus might easily adopted) and create some adverts.. I mean this in a positive sense, just a nice text which explain the goals, ideas and status of GoboLinux, i.e. not something like "the best distro ever - download now!" (This should be easy to compose of the introductory texts on the GoboLinux homepage. I'd do it myself, but I'm not a native speaker.)

A better WikiPedia article springs to mind. The entry is also unsatisfactory. For example, compare the situation to the Debian article on Wikipedia.

Why the effort

Well, more people means more packages? (The hope never dies...)

There is something Gobolinux attempts which no other distribution attempts - redefine the file layout. The biggest advantage will be that everything appears more logical than the spread of the traditional layout. For this to work however both more people and more work in regards to documenting Gobolinux is needed. Why? Easy. If one has a problem with Gobolinux, finding a solution is harder because Gobolinux does some things differently. What I'd like to see is improving the wiki a lot more. It's very nice so far, but imho it needs to be a lot nicer still.

List of possible promotion websites