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Dear developers, I want see in the 014

1. The CDFS filesystem!

2. Full UTF-8 encoding for I can in Consoles and virtual terminals use the hungarian characters correct, and can this others peoples!

3. The 014 is not in CD-image, but in DVD-image,

4. and in this DVD-image the KDE-I18N-hu.


6. multi-gnome terminal>

Violazoli 12:40, 10 November 2006 (EST)

I would like to see boot script themes that actually work. :-) I tried AppleII and a few others, and they rendered the system unusuable. Filesystems were left read-only. Paths couldn't be found. In no case could CTRL-ALT-DEL be used to reboot the machine. Just a mess!

The only working one was Progress. :) Thank you.

2007 Mar 13. -- Samuel Falvo