Create A Chroot Environment

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Chroot enviroments are useful when developing recipes as the recipe is compiled in a separate environment. This means that should the compile fail then you won't be left with a half installed application.

This howto will demonstrate how to setup a chroot environment for use with the ChrootCompile scripts.


These commands should generally be executed in your own home directory.

If you haven't done so install ChrootCompile

InstallPackage ChrootCompile

or if you want the latest development version

Compile ChrootCompile svn

The development version of ChrootCompile might need the development version of Compile:

Compile Compile svn


Setup the base environment:

cd ~
mkdir My_Compile_Chroot
ChrootCompile -s ~/My_Compile_Chroot

You can now use :

ChrootCompile <recipe_name></recipe_name> <recipe_version> &lt;/blockquote&gt;</recipe_version>

to compile recipes. The recipe will be compiled and if the compile is successful a package will be placed in My_Compile_Chroot/Clean. You can install this package to install the recipe on your system.