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Makes a GoboLinux package from an installed program on the system, which is basically a compressed tarball from its entry at /Programs.

Usage: CreatePackage <directory></directory>


  • -h, --help - Shows this help.
  • -v, --version - Show program version.
  • -V, --verbose - Enable verbose mode.
  • -b, --bzip2 - Compress using bzip2
  • -D, --no-dependencies - Do not create Dependencies file
  • -g, --gzip - Compress using gzip
  • -p, --personal-backup - Use personal backup mode. Do NOT use for public distribution
  • -d, --devel-version - Manage development version numbers (for use mainly by GoboLinux developers)
  • -n, --new-version <entry></entry> - Sets a new version number for the package (for use mainly by GoboLinux developers)
  • -k, --keep - Copy new version instead of moving (for use with devel-version and new-version)
  • -s, --sign - Sign package
  • -t, --target-dir <entry></entry> - Create the package archive inside the passed directory (instead of '.')
Usage Examples:
  CreatePackage gtk+