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Given a program name and a target directory, moves this program from its entry in /Programs to the specified target dir, being substituted by a symlink to this target dir. This feature is interesting when one would like to move a package to another partition, for example, but still wants the package to be visible at /Programs. All the symlinks are re-generated to point to the target directory.

Usage: DetachProgram <program></program> [<version></version>] [<destdir></destdir>]


  • -h, --help - Shows this help.
  • -v, --version - Show program version.
  • -V, --verbose - Enable verbose mode.
  • -c, --copy - Copy program. Keep existing on rootfs.
  • -b, --batch - Batch operation. Minimize warning output
  • -D, --no-dependencies - Do not try to fulfill dependencies.
This script 'moves' a program from the /Programs hierarchy to <destdir></destdir> directory. Afterwards, symlinks are created in /Programs to maintain functionality. If <destdir></destdir> is omitted the environment variable $goboInstall is used.


DetachProgram GCC 2.95.3 /Network/Programs