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Here's my 2 cents to the project. I did a quick search on gmane to find out if there's anything there about Stu's venture. This bit jumped to my attention:

<cite>Gnome (as of 2.4) has a couple of "shared" folders in "lib". Don't ask me why. I found this out the hard way while compiling Gnome 2.4 a while back. Particularly, I remember that lib/bonobo is important, though I know there are others (just can't remember the names).</cite>

A search for "lib bonobo" on Google returned this as the second hit:


It talks about BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH and GNOME2_PATH variables. AFAICT earlier attempts on compiling GNOME did not use these variables. I believe they shine a new light on the feasibility of this project.

-- hisham

I could compile GNOME 2.6 without both these variables. I have all recipes at hand which are being polished before uploading for another plea for help. The main problems I had with GNOME 2.6 were:

  • Themes: Neither Metacity themes worked nor any GNOME related themes. Although Metacity Theme Previewer (or whatever it is called) worked fine.
  • Keyboard settings seemed to be broken. I fixed it by "reg-editing" GConf keys.
  • Most applets did not work.
  • Several Recipes needed to disable sandbox since all aplications tried to write files to GConf tree.
I'm currently (that is right now), trying to override GCONF_SCHEMA_CONFIG_SOURCE which is the variable that configures tests before executing `gconftool-2 --get-default-source`. It is this application that returns the offending path, despite GConf's configuration file. It seems to be the way Slackware does.

-- RafaelJeffman

I think these variables should be used in runtime, rather than during compilation. Perhaps they'll help GNOME find the missing files that are breaking whatever is broken now (just a wild guess).

-- hisham