GoboLinux Command Reference

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Package management



  • Compile - Compile and install software from sources using GoboLinux recipe.
  • InstallPackage - Install precompiled GoboLinux packages.
  • FetchArchive - Download the sources for a recipe, but don't compile them.
  • Freshen - Many options to check for availability and upgrade GoboLinux packages


Creating recipes and packages

  • GetRecipe - Fetch a recipe and insert it in the recipes tree.
  • MakeRecipe - Create a recipe template.
  • EditRecipe - Edit a recipe.
  • PackRecipe - Generate a recipe tarball, ready for submission.
  • CreatePackage - Make a GoboLinux package.
  • NewVersion - Update a recipe to a new version.
  • PrepareProgram - Prepares applications for instalation, running the 'configure'
  • KeyManager - Manage digital signature keys for GoboLinux packages.
  • Hashes - Manages FileHash and FileHash.sig files in a GoboLinux package.
  • MergeTree - Mirrors one directory structure into another.

Helper tools

  • DeduceName - Scan a file to find the capitalization of a program name.
  • FiboSandbox - Run the program in a protected sandbox, as a restricted user.
  • FixInfo - Remakes the entries in the info 'dir' file.
  • NamingConventions - Heuristics to determine a capitalized, GoboLinux-like name.
  • SandboxInstall - Runs 'make install', using a sandbox environment.

System maintenance

  • AddUser - Register a new user in this system.
  • SystemFind - Special 'find' utility for searches in the /System hierarchy.
  • SystemInfo - Display some basic system information. Useful for /etc/issue.



  • FindQuick (alias: f) - Find files.
  • GrepQuick (alias: g) - Shorthand for 'grep'.
  • l - alias for 'ls' with some options set.
  • KillProcess - Enhanced process killing utility.
  • Rename - Performs a sed-based search/replace in a set of filenames.

Boot scripts

  • BootDriver - The boot controller script.
  • StartTask - Run a boot task from the command line.
  • StopTask - Stop a boot task from the command line.

Special files

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