Installing GoboLinux under vmware

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This applies to vmware Workstation v4.5.2 and GoboLinux 011

This is a work in progress by Sy

  • Install vmware -- default settings
  • Create a new virtual machine (vm) for GoboLinux -- use an IDE virtual drive, not a SCSI one. SCSI will boot the livecd, but a GoboLinux installation with that setting will not boot. Assistance in getting vmware/scsi running gobo would be appreciated.
    • Both "Other Linux 2.4 kernel" and "Other Linux 2.6 kernel" (liveCD and booting an installation with framebuffer 2.6) appear to run fine
  • Pop the GoboLinux CD in, and start up the GoboLinux vm.
  • When prompted for hardware selection, choose 2: "bypass only x11 hardware detection".
  • cfdisk -- figure out your partitions
  • mkfs for ext2 or mke2fs -j for an ext3 partition
  • mkswap for a swap partition
  • startx and then the graphical installer

  • reboot
  • edit the grub boot line to point it towards root=/dev/hda1 (as appropriate)
  • I'm stuck here.. rebooting does not find a valid partition. Probably because of vmware reverting back to an unformatted snapshot when I rebooted. Whoops. =)
  • dhcpcd -L /tmp/dhcpcd
  • nano /System/Settings/BootScripts/Options
  • uncomment the two gateway lines:
    • GatewayInterface=eth0
    • Gateway=
  • StopTask Network
  • StartTask Network

Hrm.. I still can't surf from the liveboot cd nor an install.. I can't remember what I did last time to resolve these issues. Ugh. -- Sy

I manually entered my DNS servers into the installer -- / -- Sy

I have installed Gobolinux 012 under VMware Workstation 5.0. This part is edited under Gobolinux hosted in a VM. Here is the little things I have noted so far: - GBL 012 ships a kernel 2.6 by default, so one can safely create a "Other 2.6 kernel" vmware. - Select "Nat" as the network mode. The network configuration of the network once Gobolinux is installed is easy. Edit /System/Settings/BootOptions. In the NetworkInterfacesOnBoot, add eth0. At the end of the file, add the following line: eth0_BootProto=DHCP - I confirm that the VM has to use an IDE virtual drive, not a SCSI one. SCSI installation does not work for me (I've not dig the problem though). - For the installation, follow Sy instruction above (cfdisk/mkfs.ext2 or mkfs.ext3/mkswap/...). - Install VMWare tools. Go in VMWare workstation VM->Install VMWare Tools - I still need to find out how to raise the screen configuration. I can't have more than 1024x768 untill now even after installation of the VMWare tools. [Greg]
If anyone could tell me how to install vmware tools in gobolinux i would have no problem with writing a full article about installing gobolinux in a VM with gobolinux v13 & vmware 6 sC


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