Installing packages from the LiveCD

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After installing GoboLinux and booting from the hard disk, you may want to choose software packages from the Live CD to install. To do so, you must mount the 'squashfs' file that contains the image from the Live CD system.

To do that, first mount the CD then mount the desired GoboLinux squashfs file:

mount /Mount/CD-ROM

 	mount /Mount/CD-ROM/GoboLinux-NonBase.squashfs /Mount/SquashFS -t squashfs -o loop=/System/Kernel/Devices/loop0

Now, you can use InstallPackage to install software from the Program/ directory of the Live-CD:

InstallPackage /Mount/SquashFS/Programs/Inkscape

Note 1: after using the squashfs file, you may want unmount it:

umount /Mount/SquashFS

Note 2: To have the dependencies required by an application installed automatically, use the --batch or -b parameter:

 InstallPackage --batch Gimp


 InstallPackage --batch /Mount/SquashFS/Programs/Gimp