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Gives you the list of files which belong to some program you have installed on your machine.

Which files belong the current installed version of 'Wireless-Tools'?

ListProgramFiles wireless-tools

or, equivalently:

ListProgramFiles wireless-tools Current

Which files belong to version 28 of 'Wireless-Tools'?

ListProgramFiles wireless-tools 28

Notice how '''''' field is not case-sensitive although '''''' field is.

Which files belong to all versions of 'Wireless-Tools'?

ListProgramFiles /Programs/Wireless-Tools

Notice that we passed the program's directory instead of its name.

       ListProgramFiles -

       ListProgramFiles <program> [<version>] | <version_directory>

       List files from a program in a 'clean' way, skipping some file patterns.


              Enable terse messages.


              Enable debug messages.

       -h, --help

              Show this help.


              Show program version.

       -v, --verbose

              Enable verbose mode.

       --logfile <entry>

              Log all output to specified file.

       -f, --files

              List files (equivalent to -xtype f in 'find')

       -l, --links

              List links (equivalent to -type l in 'find')

       -R, --no-resources

              Do not list files in Resources directory

       -p, --path

              Return full path, including the programs directory

       -n, --null

              Separate files with null instead of newline.

       Copyright © 2006. Released under the GNU GPL.

GoboLinux                                                March 2017                                      LISTPROGRAMFILES(1)
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