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First try: Install Bootcamp and boot with standard 013. It experiences the SMP/SquashFS problems on know issues. Booting with suggested kernel args boots with some errors but I get a prompt. Unfortunately, each keypress registers twice.

Second try: Remaster ISO with kernel with patches from This has problems in initrd mounting the squashfs filesystems.

Third try: Boot knoppix (works great!). Partition disk and copy / from a fresh Gobo013 install (used QEMU), and Knoppix's kernel/modules. Adjust fstab, create lilo.conf and run /sbin/lilo. Reboot, no go. Doesn't recongize the partition. Install, refit, sync GPT and MBR partitions (using refit) and success!

Next Steps

Compile Kernel Use mactel-linux patches for 2.6.19. Need to pull out UTF patches and update squashfs. Remove vesafb patches to "remove variables". Success!

Getting Wireless Working: MadWifi_NG doesn't support the 802.11n chipset used, so must use NDISwrapper. Success!

Native Resolution The MacBook has a 1280x800 LCD. Use 915Resolution to set. Success!

Suspend TODO. Will focus on s2ram first and then s2both.

iSight TODO. Should be straight forward but low priority.

Remaster ISO Unless there is demand, wait until 014.

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